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Life Coaching and Supervision

I offer a safe, neutral, confidential space for my clients to:


 - discuss problems they might have

 - help find solutions

 - discover new perspectives on issues

 - receive support through life's challenging

   situations such a bereavement and illness

 - find and develop new resources to increase

   health and quality of life

 - vent about difficulties

 - become more conscious of their skills

 - reflect, rest and share

Personal experience

I love being in regular supervision, because it gives me wonderful support for my work as a craniosacral therapist and supervisor. When I am well supported, I am able to provide more support for my clients. The safe space I enter in supervision gives me the opportunity to reflect on my work, look at it from different perspectives, gain useful insights from experts in the field, learn more about my patterns of behaviour, realize I am not alone in my work and discuss any problems I may have. This experience of being held and sharing is extremely important in helping me be healthy and balanced. And this also benefits my clients.

I trained extensively in supervision/coaching with Robin Shohet, author of Supervision in the Helping Professions and Joan Wilmot at CSTD in London, UK, and with Dr Jim Feil in Switzerland. I was an approved supervisor for craniosacral therapists in Switzerland and UK for many years.

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